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Top 6 Hot Dog Chain Restaurants in the US

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Residents of New York City have the highest per capita consumption of hot dogs in the nation. The combination of a sausage and a bun is what people in the United States mean when they talk about a “hot dog.” The concepts of frankfurter, weenie, and red hot have been understood by a significant number of individuals.

I went to Wienerschnitzel, Sonic, Five Guys, Dairy Queen, and Checkers to evaluate their hot dogs and determine which one was the most superior. I placed an order for a beef hot dog and requested that it come with both mustard and ketchup on top. It came as a surprise to me that the All American 100% beef hot dog served at Sonic Drive-in was superior than the Wienerschnitzel brand of hot dogs.

The following are some of the most well-known and successful hot dog chains in the United States:

Name Locations Original location Year
Wienerschnitzel 358 Los Angeles, California 1961
Hot Dog on a Stick 80 Santa Monica, California 1946
Portillo’s Restaurants 60 Villa Park, Illinois 1963
Sneaky Pete’s 39 Birmingham, Alabama 1966
James Coney Island 21 Houston, Texas 1923
Nathan’s Famous Brooklyn, New York 1916


  • Starting Year: 1961
  • Founder: John N. Galardi
  • Founded: Los Angeles, California
  • Locations: 358

The first location of what would become the Wienerschnitzel fast food business opened in the United States in 1961. It is well-known for the hot dogs and other hot foods that it serves. A thin cutlet of meat, such as chicken, pig, or veal, is used to prepare this meal. Breadcrumbs are often used in the preparation, and it is subsequently breaded. John Galardi invented Wienerschnitzel in 1961 in Southern California. Since then, the brand has expanded to become the establishment with the most hot dog restaurants anywhere in the globe.

A Wienerschnitzel is a specific kind of pan-fried veal cutlet that is typically composed of a thin, breaded, and pan-fried veal cutlet. This sort of cutlet is known as a Wienerschnitzel. Polish or All-Beef Steak? To guarantee that each and every bite of these hot dogs is delicious and full of flavor, they are prepared using pieces of beef that have been certified for consumption by the USDA and then seasoned with an aromatic blend of spices.

Hot Dog on a Stick

  • Starting Year: 1946
  • Founder: Dave Barham
  • Founded: Santa Monica, California
  • Locations: 80

Dave Barham, who was living in Santa Monica, California, in 1946, was the person who came up with the idea of selling hot dogs on sticks. After some time, it spread to other cities and finally evolved into a network of retail malls and centers.

The corn dog at Hot Dog on a Stick is a food that is often deep-fried and is shaped like a piece of meat. It is traditionally consumed in the United States with a piece of corn on the cob. The corn dog received its name from the fact that it had a simple yet ingenious design. A corn dog is a kind of hot dog that has been coated in a thick coating of cornmeal batter before being cooked on a stick made of wood.

Portillo’s Restaurants

  • Starting Year: 1963
  • Founder: Richard J. Portillo
  • Founded: Villa Park, Illinois
  • Locations: 60

The Portillo’s Restaurant Group is a network of fast-casual dining establishments that specializes on cooking in a Chicago-style, serving dishes such Italian beef and hot dogs. Richard Portillo established the first Portillo’s Restaurant in 1963, and the company now has more than 60 locations around the country.

A hot dog from Portillo’s is presented on a steamed bun and has a natural skin that has been seasoned with the salt and mustard that the firm has developed on its own. The standard pickle relish has had blue dye added to it in order to get the distinctive color of the relish.

A Portillo’s hot dog is an all-beef hot dog that has the skin on it and is served on a steamed mustard seed bun with relish, onions, tomatoes, and a variety of sports peppers. The skin is left on the hot dog. After a four-hour slow roasting process, French bread is topped with Italian meat and served. After that, it is finished off with their own own special combination of spices.

Sneaky Pete’s

  • Starting Year: 1966
  • Founder: Pete Graphos
  • Founded: Birmingham, Alabama
  • Locations: 39

The restaurant company, which is well-known for its establishments serving hot dogs and is situated in Birmingham, Alabama, was established by Pete Graphos, who also controls the chain.

If you are a fan of the Portillos, then you are likely already familiar with what they are. If you are not a fan of the Portillos, then it is usually best to steer clear of them. There are several tried-and-true favorites of mine that are not constrained to any one dish or taste in particular.

James Coney Island

  • Starting Year: 1923
  • Founder: James Papadakis
  • Founded: Houston, Texas
  • Locations: 21

The James Coney Island brand of quick-service restaurants is known for specializing in the preparation of hot dogs. In 1923, James and Tom Papadakis established their business together. The restaurant’s first location was in the East End neighborhood of Houston, Texas.

The restaurant company made the announcement in 2010 that it will be shutting its branch in Downtown Houston owing to a dispute with the landlord of the building that contained the restaurant. The issue stemmed from the fact that the restaurant was located in the building. It was also known as 1011 Walker, and it was at this site that the chain’s flagship store could be found.

The company had been run by members of the same family from the time it was founded until 1990, when it was sold to unrelated private investors.

Nathan’s Famous

  • Starting Year: 1916
  • Founder: Nathan Handwerker
  • Founded: Brooklyn, New York

On Coney Island, Nathan’s Famous has been selling hot dogs made entirely of beef since the year 1916. The restaurant is home to a wide variety of mysteries, some of which involve gangsters and others involve dead whales. Only one hundred percent meat from Australia. Their ground beef has a smokey taste and is prepared using a spice mix that is kept a secret.

The formula that Nathan used to make his now-famous masterpieces is used in the production of Nathan’s Famous Beef Hot Dogs, which bear his name. They are likewise built with the same high-quality components as the original product. Mr. Consumer is aware that Nathan’s Famous frankfurters are made entirely of beef and do not include any pork in their ingredients.

Even though it tasted a little bit like sweet potato, this hot dog still had a lot of other tastes. In addition to this, it did not contain an excessive amount of oil and was quite simple to chew. This product is regarded as having a higher level of toxicity compared to other hot dogs since many hot dogs include saturated fat. The production process for All-Natural Beef Hot Dogs does not include the use of nitrates or nitrites, as well as any artificial components or corn syrup.