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Top 5 Most Popular American Casual Dining Restaurants

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A step up from fast-food and quick-serve restaurants is a restaurant that offers more relaxed eating options. A more relaxed vibe may be found here, and one or two servers are often present.

The ambiance and the cuisine are the primary factors that differentiate fine dining from other types of eating. There is a difference in both the mood and the costs between the two styles, which are both more formal and sophisticated.

In 2013, the United States was home to more than 19,000 fast-casual dining establishments. By the end of the year 2017, the total number of locations reached 25,312.

The following are the top five most popular casual eating establishments in the United States:


  • Starting Year: 1980
  • Founder: TJ Palmer
  • Founded: Decatur, Georgia
  • Locations: 1830

The United States is the home of the Applebee’s restaurant chain. The idea behind the firm is to provide a relaxed eating atmosphere with a wide selection of traditional American meals. TJ Palmer established Applebee’s in 1830, and John Peyton serves as the company’s current Chief Executive Officer. Steak is a food that is known to be affordable by Applebee’s patrons, and it is a very popular option. Applebee’s is known for its sirloin steaks, which are prepared using premium sirloin cuts, and the restaurant chain serves the meal. The financial obligations of a nearby Applebee franchisee that ultimately led to the business’s insolvency have been purchased by the parent firm of Four Square Burgers.

TGI Fridays

  • Starting Year: 1965
  • Founder: Alan Stillman
  • Founded: New York City, New York
  • Locations: 870

TGI Fridays is a restaurant franchise that focuses on providing a casual atmosphere for diners. The slogan “Thank God It’s Friday” served as the inspiration for the name of the business. TGI Friday is a chain of casual dining restaurants that was established in the United States in 1952. It was established by Alan Stillman, who was originally from New York City. It was one of the first bars in the nation that catered specifically to singles.

Bob Evans Restaurant

  • Starting Year: 1948
  • Founder: Bob Evans
  • Founded: Gallipolis, Ohio
  • Locations: 500

Robert Lewis Evans was a successful businessman who became famous for his sales of pork sausage. It was under his direction that the Owens Country Sausage Company and the Bob Evans restaurant chain were both established. In 1948, Bob Evans began manufacturing sausage on the farm he owned in the southeast corner of Ohio. In 1948, when he built a restaurant, he extended an invitation to diners to visit his farm. When you get there, give the restaurant a call to let them know that you’ve arrived at your destination.

Golden Corral

  • Starting Year: 1973
  • Founder: James Maynard
  • Founded: Fayetteville, North Carolina
  • Locations: 498

Restaurants belonging to the Golden Corral franchise may be found in 43 different states. It provides a diverse array of foods and beverages to choose from. The lunch buffet at Golden Corral typically costs around $9.95 for each adult customer. Each day at around 4:00 p.m., guests may also partake in the dinner buffet. There were a total of eighteen Golden Corral buffet restaurants that were permanently shuttered, in addition to two that were closed temporarily. The firm said that it plans to reopen two of the previously closed eateries.

Ruby Tuesday

  • Starting Year: 1972
  • Founder: Samuel E. Beall III
  • Founded: Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Locations: 491

Ruby Tuesday Inc. is both an operator of many units of restaurants and a franchisor. It was in 1972 that the idea of Ruby Tuesday was first conceived. The Rolling Stones came out with their single RUBY Tuesday in the year 1966. Keith Richards claims that the song was written in a hotel room in Los Angeles in the early part of the year 1966. You may get two dinners for the price of one when you download our app and choose from options like our Hickory Beef Chicken or Chicken Tenders.