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Top 10 Asian Fast Food Chain

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For the eighth year in a row, the American Customer Satisfaction index has determined that Chick-fil-A is the top fast-food restaurant. This conclusion is based on a study that was carried out by the research company IRI.

With over 4,543 locations throughout the globe, Jollibee, which originated in the Philippines, is the largest and most successful fast food company in all of Asia. It is then followed by companies such as CNHLS and Dicos, both of which are Chinese quick-service restaurant franchises.

The following is a list of the top ten largest Asian fast food chains in the United States:

Restaurant Name Locations Year Original location
Panda Express 2000 1983 Glendale, California
Jollibee 1200 1978 Quezon City, Philippines
Yoshinoya 1000 1899 Tokyo, Japan
Noodles & Company 460 1995 Denver, Colorado
L&L Hawaiian Barbecue 200 1976 Honolulu, Hawaii
Pei Wei Asian Diner 200 2000 Scottsdale, Arizona
Sarku Japan 181 1987 Boston, Massachusetts
Manchu Wok 101 1980 Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Phở Hòa 72 1983 San Jose, California
Pick Up Stix 63 1989 Rancho Santa Margarita, California
Cupbop 26 2013 Salt Lake County, Utah


  • Starting Year: 2013
  • Founder: Junghun Song
  • Founded: Salt Lake County, Utah
  • Locations: 26

The Korean cuisine known as a cupbop bowl is often presented in a bowl with alternating layers of rice, veggies, and pork. It is common practice to drizzle sauces over them before serving them with green onions and peanuts. The firm has traditional storefronts in the states of Idaho and Indonesia in addition to its fleet of mobile food vendors.

All three of J.K. Kim, Jung Song, and J.P. Park’s birthplaces are in South Korea, and they have all been active members of the same church. After that, each of them relocated to Utah with aspirations that were large enough to support a comfortable living there.


  • Starting Year: 1978
  • Founder: Tony Tan Caktiong
  • Founded: Quezon City, Philippines
  • Locations: 1,200

Jollibee is well-known for its innovative take on traditional Filipino dishes, such as the mix of fried chicken, spaghetti, and pies on its menu. Their devoted clientele often extol the superiority of their cuisine and the richness of the tastes they provide.

Jollibee is a fast-moving food firm that focuses on establishing and running quick-service restaurants under the Jollibee brand name. Jollibee restaurants provide cuisine that is prepared quickly. Jollibee is a Philippine-based brand of quick-service restaurants known for serving fried chicken, spaghetti, and other foods. The corporation is also growing its operations inside the United States.

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue

  • Starting Year: 1976
  • Founder: Johnson Kam and Eddie Flores, Jr.
  • Founded: Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Locations: 200+

The L&L Drive-Inn, located in Honolulu, was owned by Kam Johnson and Eddie Flores Jr. in 1976. The two men’s previous endeavors served as motivation for them, and they put in a lot of effort to ensure the project’s success. Since then, the idea has garnered support from people in a variety of nations, including Japan and Hawaii, amongst others. Currently, the L&L Hawaiian Barbecue brand may be found at over 200 locations throughout 14 different states.

Pacific Business News has chosen Eddie Flores, creator and CEO of L&R Hawaiian Barbecue, as the winner of its 2017 Career Achievement award. This honor was bestowed onto Flores by the publication. In Hawaii, the kalua pig is a whole pig that is roasted in a pit known as an imu. This tradition originated in Texas. This dish may be found on almost every island in the chain.

Manchu Wok

  • Starting Year: 1980
  • Founder: Jack Lew
  • Founded: Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
  • Locations: 101

The northeastern part of China is known as Manchuria, and the Manchu people are one of the ethnic groups that live there. They were referred to as Jurchens when they were first discovered, and now they make up the biggest ethnic group in the area.

Egg noodles that are thin and yellow in color and are highly crispy because to the fact that they are deep fried. Manchu. They give off the impression that they are going to be consumed out of a bowl.

Manchu Wok is not extremely vegan-friendly and does not provide any food items that are specifically geared at vegans. Additionally, because to the fact that their meal is fully prepared, the only item they add to their menu is eggs.

Noodles & Company

  • Starting Year: 1995
  • Founder: Aaron Kennedy
  • Founded: Denver, Colorado
  • Locations: 460

The Chief Executive Officer of Noodles & Company, Dave Boennighausen, has joined the ranks of the rising number of corporate executives who have pledged their support for the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion initiative. The previous year, the entire sales of the corporation was $253 million.

The Alfredo MontAmore, a dish produced by Noodles & Co. with soft spaghetti noodles and rich custard, is most likely the restaurant’s most popular offering. The Chicken Veracruz Salad is an excellent option for those who are interested in eating a salad that is high in protein and has a wide range of veggies. It contains 650 calories, which is a reasonable amount.

Panda Express

  • Starting Year: 1983
  • Founder: Tony Tan Caktiong
  • Founded: Andrew Cherng
  • Locations: 2,000+

Panda Express is a chain of quick-service restaurants that now has more than 2,000 locations. It focuses mostly on Asian cuisine.

Even if they have various items on the menu that include vegetables, the overall fiber content is still not sufficient for the majority of customers. The elevated amounts of salt are likewise rather high. A fantastic option for a balanced and nutritious lunch is the String Bean Chicken Breast. It offers a high protein content while maintaining a low calorie content overall.

On the menu of Panda Express, one of the products that is consistently ordered the most frequently is the orange chicken burrito. A tortilla, rice on the side, and orange sauce are all included in this dish. Peggy and Andrew Cherng continue to own the privately owned restaurant chain known as The Panda Restaurant Group.

Pei Wei Asian Diner

  • Starting Year: 2000
  • Founder: Mark Brezinski
  • Founded: Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Locations: 200

The restaurant chain known as Pei Wei first opened its doors in Scottsdale, Arizona, in the year 2000, drawing inspiration from Asian cuisine. It was our mission to provide cuisine that was both fresh and genuine, without compromising on flavor. Pei Wei, which is a chain of quick-service restaurants that specializes in Asian cuisine, has been going after Panda Express, which is its most direct competitor.

Pei Wei’s Bento Boxes are designed with five separate compartments, each of which may hold the ideal quantity of food to go with the other components of the box. “Never ever buy white-meat chicken or dark-meat chicken pieces that have been frozen and are soaked in artificial flavors and preservatives,” the label on the package warns.

Phở Hòa

  • Starting Year: 1983
  • Founder: Binh Nguyen
  • Founded: San Jose, California
  • Locations: 72

The first Pho Hoa Restaurant establishment was established in San Jose, California, in the year 1983. It would eventually grow to become one of the most successful Vietnamese restaurants in the United States. People in Vietnam will almost always use the word “pho” rather than the pronunciation “fuh.” Having said that, people in some areas may also substitute the term “foe.”

Rice noodles and a herbal broth are the two main components of the Vietnamese noodle meal known as pho. In contrast, ramen is a kind of Japanese noodle dish that is characterized by noodles that are thick and chewy. Pho is an excellent food for weight reduction since it has a very low amount of salt. About 200 calories may be found in a single serving of Pho Noodles, which is much lower than the average daily calorie intake that is suggested. Additionally, there are no grams of saturated fat in this item.

Pick Up Stix

  • Starting Year: 1989
  • Founder: Charlie Zhang
  • Founded: Rancho Santa Margarita, California
  • Locations: 63

Charlie Zhang is the one who started Pick Up Stix back in 1989. They are a network of fast food restaurants that specialize in Asian cuisine and have their headquarters in California. In addition to selling food, they also provide catering services. The idea of Pick Up Stix brings together the delicacies of China with the hospitality of the United States. Dishes prepared in woks that have been freshly fired are available here, and they are made to order.

Sarku Japan

  • Starting Year: 1987
  • Founder: Daniel Chim
  • Founded: Boston, Massachusetts
  • Locations: 181

More than two hundred different food courts around the United States are home to locations of the rapidly expanding restaurant business Sarku Japan. On a global scale, it has a history of doing business in regions like South America and Europe, among others. However, since then, this Asian quick-service restaurant company has been shut down due to more than 40 violations of the health code.