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Does Yoshinoya Take Apple Pay?

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Yoshinoya is a Japanese fast-food restaurant that provides a wide choice of reasonably priced meal options for customers. There are places for it all around the globe, but in the United States, you can only find it in the state of California owing to the fact that other sites have been shut down.

It does provide certain contactless payment options; however, it does not seem to have made significant investments in this area and does not appear to be interested in expanding its presence in this area, particularly outside of Japan.

Apple Pay is a payment alternative that is preferred by many customers over conventional payment methods because it is quick, easy, and secure. In particular when working with places with a large number of customers, such as fast-food outlets. No one really wants to interact with the payment terminals or provide their actual cards to store employees when they make a purchase.

Therefore, given Yoghinoya’s limited presence in the world of contactless payment systems and the rapid ascent of Apple Pay to the position of one of the most popular new payment methods, the question arises as to whether or not Yoshinoya accepts Apple Pay.

Does Yoshinoya Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is not officially accepted at Yoshinoya, and the restaurant’s customer care states that they do not support the payment method. Regrettably, since since this was communicated by its customer service, there has been no more information; as a result, it is probable that Apple Pay will not be supported.

When I phoned both of Yoshinoya’s locations, none one of them could tell me whether they took Apple Pay or not. When I inquired about the payment terminals, they informed me that the terminals were more recent models that were tap-enabled. It is thus feasible to use Apple Pay; however, this is something that is dependent on the payment terminals that are accessible at the Toshinoya near you.

Apple Pay may be accepted according to certain review websites, although this information is not included in any of the actual reviews. Consequently, it is not obvious if this is a pre-set choice, a mistake, or whether some evaluators omitted a certain point but still picked Apple Pay as a payment option throughout the evaluation process.

Yoshinoya’s website does, in fact, support contactless payments, and customers may choose to pick up their orders or have them delivered in certain areas. When you place an order on their website, however, the only method of payment that is accepted is a credit card.

However, after downloading their mobile app, I am sent straight to their website, despite the fact that it claims to be able to process orders.

Why Doesn’t Yoshinoya Take Apple Pay?

There is no explanation that has been made public about why Yoshinoya does not accept Apple Pay, and as far as I can tell, there are no collaboration agreements that would prevent Apple Pay from being accepted. Yoshinoya just offers a restricted number of payment methods and does not seem to be making any efforts to expand this selection.

Yoshinoya was first met with a degree of success in Japan. It began doing business in the United States and made efforts to grow; but, as a result of a number of setbacks and closures, it is now confined to operating just inside the state of California. Because of the problems it is experiencing and the potential income losses that might result from them, it is possible that it does not have the funds at this moment to invest in additional payment methods for its consumers.

Yoshinoya is also no longer a restaurant that offers dine-in service; the only services it provides now are pick-up and delivery. It would seem that the primary focus of the company’s activities in the United States is on preserving its existence and continuing to do business as usual.

You may be curious in the company’s history in the United States, specifically regarding Apple Pay and whether or not it used to be available there.

Did Yoshinoya Ever Take Apple Pay Before?

In the United States, Yoshinoya has never accepted Apple Pay, and the company’s customer care team has said that they have not done so for at least the last four years. There is evidence in a few news articles that Yoshinoya in Japan embraced Apple Pay, at least for a brief period of time; however, I have not come across any more material on this topic since 2018.

In the event that Yoshinoya does not go out of business, the issue that arises now is whether or not they will ever take Apple Pay.

Will Yoshinoya Ever Take Apple Pay in the Future?

There is not a particular reason why Yoshinoya does not now take Apple Pay, therefore there is a possibility that they may in the future. It can just come down to how well they do and whether or not they have the financial resources to create and invest in new payment systems.

It is possible that Yoshinoya outlets that have been updated to the most recent tap-enabled payment terminals are already prepared to take Apple Pay. However, since Apple Pay is not officially supported, you will first need to check with your location to see whether they have a tap-enabled payment terminal and then attempt to use it. If you are successful, you will be able to pay with Apple Pay. If you are interested in trying something out, be sure you have a backup plan for how you will pay for it.

If utilizing Apple Pay is not a possibility at the Yoshinoya near you, then I am curious as to what alternative contactless payment solutions are available for your phone.

Any other way I can Pay With My Phone at Yoshinoya?

At Yoshinoya, the only method that is supported for paying with your phone is by going via their website, where you may place an order and pay for it with a credit card.

If you want to be sure that you can pay for your Yoshinoya meal with Apple Pay, your only option is to order it via a delivery service. Apple Pay may be used to make payments with DoorDash, UberEats, and Postmates, all of which are businesses that Yoshinoya has partnered with. Even while they provide standard delivery, delivery services will allow you to pay and pick up in-store. This means that if you don’t mind paying more for the convenience, you may potentially walk to a Yoshinoya location and pay with Apple Pay there.

What alternative forms of contactless payment besides Apple Pay does Yoshinoya accept, given that it does not support Apple Pay and that there are just a few choices for paying with your phone?

What other Contactless Payments does Yoshinoya take?

It has come to our attention that Yoshinoya does not make available any other contactless payment alternatives beyond those that we have previously covered. On the other hand, it seems that they have payment terminals that support tapping, which implies that you may use debit or credit cards that support contactless payment by tapping them.

Therefore, if you don’t have Apple Pay, what other restaurants that are identical to the one you went to will take Apple Pay?

Which Other Restaurants take Apple Pay?

Customers are seeking more and more options like Apple Pay since it is such a handy method to make payments, and the demand is growing each and every day. The vast majority of quick-service restaurants are implementing this feature, either via the use of their mobile applications or through the installation of tap-enabled payment terminals. The following restaurants are some great alternatives to Yoshinoya:

  1. Beginning in 2019, Panda Express began the process of implementing Apple Pay across all of their payment terminals. Simply place your meal order and then tap your Apple Pay smartphone at the register to pay for it.
  2. Pei Wei Asian Diner was an early user of Apple Pay, beginning to accept it as a method of payment in the year 2015. You only need to touch your Apple smartphone on the terminal to complete the transaction.

Regrettably, a large number of less substantial eateries do not have the financial resources necessary to formally implement Apple Pay. It’s possible that they don’t even see how doing that would help them in any way. If they have payment terminals that accept tap payments, they might do some tests on the service before making it available to their consumers. Therefore, the problem most likely stems from a lack of funds as well as knowledge on the part of smaller enterprises.

To summarize it all, the question is whether or not it is feasible to use Apple Pay at Yoshinoya.

Can I Use Apple Pay at Yoshinoya?

At this time, Yoshinoya does not support the usage of Apple Pay in an official capacity. On the other hand, you might give the shop a call and inquire as to whether or not they have a payment terminal that accepts tap payments. If they do, you should be able to use Apple Pay to make a payment since there is no additional configuration needed for Apple Pay to function properly.

You also have the option of using a delivery service as a go-between for your Apple Pay financial transactions. This is a fantastic choice to go with if you were planning on getting delivery anyhow. On the other hand, if you utilize it to place orders for pick-up, you will be charged a higher fee than if you paid Yoshinoya directly.

Aside from those two possibilities, the only other choice is for you to wait for Yoshinoya to become more technologically advanced.


Where Apple Pay is accepted?

Apple Pay may be used at any establishment that accepts contactless payments, including convenience shops, supermarkets, taxis, and public transportation stations. Apps and online are also options. You may make purchases with Apple Pay while using Safari on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Is Apple Pay accepted at restaurants?

Apple Pay allows you to make safe, contactless payments at a variety of locations, including retail shops, restaurants, and more, as long as you have your Apple Cash, credit, and debit cards saved in the Wallet app on your iPhone.

Can you use Apple Pay at Target?

Acceptance may be granted for any kind of contactless payment. The following are some examples of forms of contactless payments: Credit and debit cards that are contactless and printed with this symbol: Digital wallets that are stored on mobile devices (such as Apple Pay®, Google PayTM, and Samsung Pay).

Can I use Apple Pay at ATM?

Apple Pay may be accessed even if your iPhone is locked by performing a double-click on the home button. If not, go to the Wallet screen and touch the debit card you use. Keep your finger on the home button while activating Touch ID on your iPhone by placing it near the sign that indicates a contactless reader on an automated teller machine. The keypad at the ATM is where you will enter your PIN.

Can I use Apple Pay at fast food?

Does your favorite restaurant offer Apple Pay? Apple Pay is accepted at a number of well-known eateries, including Chili’s, Panda Express, and Panera Bread, amongst others. Apple Pay is accepted at a variety of quick-service restaurants, including KFC, Subway, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Chick-Fil-A, and White Castle. This is a complete list of places that accept Apple Pay.

What fast food places allow Apple Pay?

Users using Apple Pay may now find their preferred way of payment accepted at almost all of the major fast-food chains in operation today. These chains include McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts, Popeye’s, Starbucks, Domino’s, Chipotle, BR, and many more.