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Does TGI Fridays Take Apple Pay?

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Since at least 2012, when they launched their first mobile app, TGI Fridays has made it possible to pay using a contactless payment method. With this app, customers may input their credit card information and then pay for their meal using the app itself. It is really remarkable that TGI Fridays has developed a mobile app that offers contactless payment in the year 2012, and the firm continues to demonstrate its status as a technologically innovative leader.

Customers who don’t want to lug their credit cards about with them or give them over to merchants at restaurants or stores may use Apple Pay, which is a payment method that is both incredibly handy and completely safe. After adding your credit and debit cards and encrypting them in your Apple Pay wallet, you may make purchases with an additional layer of protection using your fingerprint or facial recognition at any location that accepts Apple Pay.

Does TGI Fridays Take Apple Pay in 2022?

Apple Pay is accepted at TGI Fridays when paying via the restaurant’s mobile app. The app first became available in 2012, and in 2018, Apple Pay became an available payment method inside the app. One of the first restaurants to provide a smartphone app that could be used to pay for one’s meal was TGI Fridays, which was also among the first eateries to offer such an app. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that they continue to provide features and alternatives so that their consumers may choose how they wish to make their payments.

The smartphone app may be used anywhere you are, including at your table, for delivery, in-store pickup, and curbside delivery, among other options. Therefore, regardless of how you want your meal prepared, you can be guaranteed that TGI Fridays can accommodate your preferences.

It’s possible that you’re curious about the specifics of using Apple Pay at TGI Fridays.

How Do You Use Apple Pay At TGI Fridays?

At TGI Fridays, using Apple Pay must be done so via the restaurant’s mobile app in order to complete the transaction. If you are eating in the restaurant, you just need to inform your waitress that you would like to pay with Apple Pay. You will then be given a code that can be entered into the app in order to make payment and see the total cost of everything you ordered. You are not required to provide the server with a physical receipt or any other documentation at any time.

You may choose Apple Pay at checkout when placing an order using the mobile app, regardless of whether you wish to have the goods delivered or picked up.

Apple Pay is accepted at TGI Fridays, but does that cover purchases made with an Apple Watch?

Can You Use Apple Watch to Pay at TGI Fridays?

The Apple Watch is not officially supported by TGI Fridays at this time. The Apple Pay smartphone app is used to complete all transactions, and the Apple Watch does not support this feature.

If paying using the TGI Fridays app is not an option, customers may use a mobile payment terminal located at each table. This terminal will have the capability to accept tap payments. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to use your Apple Watch on the physical payment terminal in the same way as a chip credit card; however, this is not assured, and you will need to ensure that you have an alternative form of payment with you at all times.

It’s possible that at this point you’re wondering whether or not Apple Pay can be used for in-store or curbside pickup.

Does TGI Fridays Take Apple Pay For App Orders?

You may place an order using TGI Fridays’ mobile app, and the app is compatible with Apple Pay. This is the principal way, and the only one that is supported by Apple, for utilizing Apple Pay. You will be able to pay for your order at your table or have it ready for you to pick up in the shop or at the curbside if you choose this option. The smartphone app may also be used for delivery, and users have the option of paying using Apple Pay while doing so.

You may easily place your purchase using the smartphone app, and then pay for it with Apple Pay when you’re finished. It can be summed up like that.

You may be interested in finding out which delivery providers accept Apple Pay if the TGI Fridays delivery service is not available in your area.

Can You Pay For TGI Fridays Orders with Apple Pay On Delivery Services?

TGI Fridays has established relationships with a significant number of delivery providers, the majority of which are able to process payments made using Apple Pay. You have options, and they vary according to your region and the kind of delivery service that you like the most.

GrubHub, UberEats, DoorDash, and Postmates are examples of delivery services that may be used to have TGI Fridays delivered to your home.

In addition to all of these alternatives, you may also be curious in the additional contactless payment methods that TGI Fridays will take.

What Other Contactless Payment Does TGI Fridays Take?

TGI Fridays exclusively accepts payments made using contactless technology via their mobile app, internet, and the actual tap-enabled payment terminals they have throughout their restaurants.

Gift cards, credit and debit cards, and Apple Pay are the payment methods that you may use for each of these transactions, respectively, if you are using an iOS mobile app.

Other kinds of digital wallets, such as Google Pay, are not among the ones that are officially accepted at TGI Fridays. However, if your chosen method of payment can be tapped against a payment terminal that supports tapping, there is a chance that you will be successful. However, success in this endeavor is not assured.

TGI Fridays has been a proponent of contactless payments and smartphone applications for a significant amount of time. You may be wondering if other restaurants that are comparable to TGI Fridays offer Apple Pay as a payment option as well.

Which Other Restaurants Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is quickly becoming the preferred payment method for a growing number of individuals. It is possible for restaurants to lose clients if they do not accept this kind of payment or any other alternative ways of payment. The following is a list of various restaurants that are comparable to TGI Fridays and that are staying current with technology by providing Apple Pay as an option for customers to use while making payments.

  • When it comes to contactless payments, Chili’s takes a somewhat different approach. They offer a pay-at-table gadget that enables customers to place orders and pay with Apple Pay at the same time. At Chili’s, where they employ actual payment terminals, you may use your Apple Watch without any problems.
  • Olive Garden offers a dining experience that is comparable to that of TGI Fridays, and the restaurant offers pay-at-the-table options much as Chili’s does. At these tables, you may make payments with Apple Pay simply by tapping your iPhone on the table.
  • A great alternative to TGI Fridays is Outback Steakhouse, which serves American cuisine. They provide direct support for Apple Pay via their payment terminals that are configured for tap payments. You may also see the bill by scanning its corresponding QR code, and you can pay using this way as well.

Can I Use Apple Pay At TGI Fridays?

Apple Pay is accepted as a method of payment at TGI Fridays for the tab. Using their smartphone app, you have the option to pay at the table, place an order for pick up, or even place an order for delivery. However, in order to utilize Apple Pay, you will need to download the mobile software on your device.

TGI Fridays came to the conclusion that they did not want any electronic devices on the tables, contrary to the policy of certain other restaurants. They don’t want to totally automate everything because they want their clients to feel like they’re in a real restaurant. Instead, they’ll only discreetly lay the meal on the table for them. This decision was made because of this goal.

The disadvantage is that TGI Fridays only accepts one form of payment that is not considered to be a conventional form of payment, and they do not let customers to utilize their Apple Watches. Therefore, the only other payment option that they now offer is Apple Pay, and you can only use it via their mobile app.