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Does Popeyes take Google Pay in 2022?

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Popeyes is a well-known brand of quick-service restaurants that operates more than 3,500 locations around the world. In 2019, Popeyes began offering customers the option to pay using Google Pay at its quick-service restaurants. Previously, the chain only accepted cash payments.

This was a brave choice on their part since they made the decision to jump ahead adopting newer types of technology, leaving behind a number of well-known fast food restaurants in the process.

When it comes to digital transactions, Google Pay is the market leader in second place, only below Apple Pay’s dominant position. There are around 140 million computer nerds that adore using contactless payment solutions and have signed up for Google Pay.

Customers find it highly easy since they do not have to touch their credit card on the terminals or even deal with the bother of cash transactions when making purchases using contactless technology.

Does Popeyes take Google Pay?

Since 2019, Popeyes has been offering customers the option to pay using Google Pay as an additional payment method. However, there is one catch: they only take Google Pay at their physical restaurant locations; their mobile phone app does not support the payment method. They also support additional contactless payment alternatives in order to provide their consumers with simple payment options.

In 2019, Popeyes became one of the businesses that began taking payments with Google Pay. The fast-food restaurant should be commended for making this kind of effort to improve the shopping experience of its patrons.

In addition, paying with cash or a credit card is incredibly difficult since the customer has to carry about an additional wallet or handbag. If you are using Google Pay, all you need to do is scan the product’s QR code, and the purchase will be finished instantly.

Popular fast-food establishments are increasingly adopting contactless payment technologies as the de facto standard in the modern day. Even Popeyes follows this pattern of behavior!

They came to the conclusion that, in order to stay competitive in a world that was increasingly adopting convenient payment options such as Google Pay, they needed to do the same. In addition, it is a great deal more easy to pay using a single app at all locations as opposed to installing many apps, one for each location.

Does Popeyes take Apple Pay at all locations?

Google Pay is one of the payment methods that may be used at Popeyes restaurants. Google Pay is accepted at all Popeyes locations. In the year 2019, they first began engaging in such behavior. Additionally, they accept various contactless payment methods which are becoming increasingly popular, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. You may use this page to find the Popeyes location that is closest to you. Now, will we investigate the process of using Google Pay at Popeyes?

How do you use Google Pay at Popeyes?

Visit the Popeyes restaurant of your choice and place your order at the cashier there. After that, launch the Google Pay app on your smartphone, and then touch it when you get to the checkout screen. You have successfully completed the task! A confirmation message that reads “Your transaction has been successful” will be sent to you shortly.

But if you don’t have a Google Pay account, there’s no need to panic about it. It won’t take you long to put one together. Proceed in the following manner:

  • Download the Google Pay App
  • Sign in to your Google Account
  • Link your bank account and add Credit/Debit cards
  • Then select Google Pay as the primary payment option (In case you have other contactless payment options installed)

Now, shall we determine whether or not they accept Google Pay at drive-through windows?

Does Popeyes take Google Pay on Drive Throughs?

Even though Popeyes has a drive-through system, customers also have the option of picking up their orders at the curbside. Regarding the many methods of payment that are available, both drive-throughs and curb-side pickups allow Google Pay as an additional option. You just need to place your purchase in advance and then use Google Pay to complete the transaction after your order is complete.

You are required to place an order in advance and wait in the outlet’s parking lot in order to use the curbside pickup service. You would get the order from a Popeyes worker who would then bring it to you, and you would pay for it using Google Pay.

Do they, however, support app purchases made with Google Pay?

Does Popeyes take Google Pay for App Orders?

Only the fast food locations of Popeyes accept Google Pay as a payment method. There is no provision for using Google Pay as a way of payment for orders that are positioned via their mobile app.

In addition to this, their mobile app does not enable any further kinds of digital payments either. When you don’t have any cash or change with you, this is a huge inconvenience! It’s possible that this has left you wondering whether or not they support Google Pay for deliveries.

Can you pay Popeyes orders with Google Pay on delivery services?

Google Pay may be used to pay for purchases made at all of your preferred Popeyes restaurants via popular delivery services such as Doordash, Uber Eats, Grubhub, and so on. You may also pay using a variety of other well-known digital wallet applications.

To complete the purchase, all that is required of you is to choose the things that are most appealing to you, then pick the Google Pay option. Hola, you are done! Now that we know what additional contactless payment choices they accept, let’s have a look at their offerings.

What other Contactless Payment does Popeyes take?

As of right now, Popeyes restaurants that provide fast food accept contactless payments from customers using Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay. Consequently, if you ever find yourself short on cash or if you forget to have your credit card with you, you may easily make a purchase simply touching your smartphone at the payment counter.

Popeyes has made an excellent decision by offering so many different payment alternatives, since they each have a sizable pool of potential customers. There are more than 300 million people using Apple Pay, more than 200 million people using Google Pay, and a little bit more than 100 million people using Samsung Pay.

Therefore, the vast majority of clients will have at least one of these payment options available to them.

Can I Use Google Pay at Popeyes?

Google Pay is an accepted form of payment at Popeyes restaurants. You only have to go to the location of your choice, place your order at the counter, and then touch your phone on the terminal to complete the purchase. You may also choose to pick up your order at the curbside or through their drive-through windows. They also provide complete support for Google Pay.

If you would like to place an order using your preferred food delivery service, such as Uber Eats, Doordash, etc., you are able to do so and pay using Google Pay, Apple Pay, or one of the many other available payment methods.

If you have an account with Google Pay, you may purchase with complete assurance at Popeyes, since there will be no problems whatsoever, as far as we are aware.