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Does Papa John’s Accept Apple Pay?

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One of the most well-known and widely used quick-service restaurant franchises in the United States is Papa John’s. They focus only on pizza and provide takeout as well as delivery services for their customers’ convenience. This indicates that, similar to the vast majority of restaurants that provide carryout or delivery services, they support contactless payment utilizing the services offered by phones or the internet.

Apply Pay is gaining in popularity all across the United States since it offers a speedy method of payment that can be carried out at establishments that accept the service. This translates to the fact that you are able to use Apple Pay at participating sites either in-store or online, or even both. Is it possible that the Papa John’s chain, with all of its locations and customers, already takes Apple Pay?

Does Papa John’s Accept Apple Pay in 2022?

On their website as well as at their franchise locations, Papa John’s does not yet support Apple Pay. This indicates that you will not be able to use Apple Pay to pay for any food products bought from Papa John’s, regardless of whether you order the goods online or go to the store in your area to make the purchase.

There is, however, an exemption to this rule in which you are permitted to use Apple Pay.

Can You Use Apple Pay on Papa John’s Mobile App?

If you have the Papa John’s mobile app installed on your phone, you will be able to pay with Apple Pay after you have completed your order. In this one and only instance, Papa John’s will make an exception to its general policy of not taking Apple Pay. This is a significant exception taking into account the number of individuals who use smartphones.

However, neither their website nor any of their physical locations support Apple Pay; thus, you should not assume that you will be able to use Apple Pay if you either place an order via their website or visit one of their physical stores.

You should be aware that there are some circumstances in which you may make purchases from Papa John’s using Apple Pay in a roundabout way. The following is a list of such approaches. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about Apple Pay and whether or not it is accepted at Papa John’s.

Can You Use Apple Pay at the Papa John’s Drive-Thru?

Unfortunately, the retail location does not support Apple Pay in any way. In addition, there are not a lot of Papa John’s restaurants that offer drive-through lanes in the classic sense. Many of them will have pickup windows that work in much the same way as a drive-thru, but you will be required to place your order in advance as opposed to doing so when you arrive at the location. If you have the Papa John’s app loaded on your device, this translates to the fact that you can pay for the goods and then pick them up at the takeaway window.

Can You Use Apple Pay on Papa John’s App Orders?

Without a doubt, you are able to. When checking out using the Papa John’s app, you have the option of using Apple Pay, as was mentioned before. To get started, you will first need to download the Papa John’s app. After you have finished putting together your purchase, the checkout process will provide you with a variety of payment options. Choose Apple Pay and then follow the on-screen instructions to be able to make payments using the app.

Why Doesn’t Papa John’s Accept Apple Pay?

As is the case with the vast majority of businesses, the specific reasons behind why they do not accept Apple Pay are unknown. On the other hand, you may use Apple Pay using the company’s mobile app. It’s possible that this is due to the fact that each Papa John’s restaurant is independently owned. They operate as a franchise, which indicates that each site is owned by a separate individual who is not required to comply with the company’s policies, such as providing promotions, discounts, or services that may be offered on a national scale.

This indicates that the proprietor of each site may choose not to pay additional costs or install devices that are compatible with Apple Pay at their establishment. The same may be said for placing an order online, since the owner of the franchise might not want Apple Pay to be an option for payment. The mobile app is the one and only exception to this rule since it may make a purchase without the consent of the store’s proprietor by-passing both the physical location and the website.

Did Papa John’s Ever Take Apple Pay Before?

The answer is negative, there is no proof that they have ever taken Apple Pay at any of their locations. The locations that they have are shown below. This does not rule out the potential that certain locations run by franchise owners who wished to take Apple Pay were successful in doing so; but, if they were successful, there is no evidence to suggest that they did so that can be located.

Does Papa John’s Have Any Plans to Take Apple Pay in the Future?

No, there are no plans in place at this time to begin accepting Apple Pay either on the internet or at the various locations individually. It would seem that the only way in which Apple Pay would be accepted at least directly as a mode of payment for things bought at Papa John’s will be via its use on the Papa John’s mobile app.

What Other Contactless Payment Does Papa John’s Accept?

Papa John’s, much like the majority of quick-service restaurants, allows customers to pay for their online orders using a variety of contactless payment methods. This encompasses credit and debit cards issued by Visa and Mastercard respectively. Those who have a PayPal Mastercard will also be able to use that card as a method of payment, as a result of this development.

In addition, you may use Apple Pay to buy a Papa John’s eGift Card at any of their locations. Because you are moving the funds from your Apple Pay to the eGift Card and then using the eGift Card to pay Papa John’s, this method of making a payment is considered to be an indirect form of payment.

Additionally, if your bank account is directly connected to Apple Pay, you will have the ability to transfer money from your Apple Pay to your bank account and then pay for your food at Papa John’s using a debit card that is accepted there. If you have already loaded money onto your Apple Pay account using a credit or debit card, all you have to do to pay for your meal at Papa John’s is use the same credit or debit card you used to load money onto your Apple Pay account.

Can I Use Apple Pay at Papa John’s?

The answer is still “no” for customers who make frequent use of Apple Pay to buy things from a wide variety of retailers. It is not possible to use Apple Pay to buy food products straight from the Papa John’s website or at any of their individual locations.

However, if you want to make a payment, you may utilize the Papa John’s mobile app in combination with Apple Pay. In this one and only specific instance, Papa John’s will make an exception to its general policy of not taking Apple Pay. Downloading the Papa John’s mobile app will be the only option to directly pay for pizza and other food products at Papa John’s using this method, since the company has no plans to accept Apple Pay in the foreseeable future.