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Does Panera Bread take Apple Pay?

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In the United States and in many other nations across the globe, Panera Bread is widely considered to be among the most successful fast food companies. In addition, as a leading brand, Panera Bread has a responsibility to remain current with the latest developments in the retail industry. As a result, the information that Panera Bread allows contactless payments made over the phone should not come as a surprise to anybody.

Apple Pay is one of the contactless payment methods that may be used to make purchases from this brand. Users are able to pay for their goods using their Apple smartphones thanks to the Apple Pay service. In addition to this payment option’s user-friendliness, its several levels of anti-fraud security are another reason for its popularity.

Does Panera Bread take Apple Pay in 2022?

At Panera Bread, you may make a contactless purchase using a variety of payment methods, including Apple Pay. The company was one of the pioneers in the restaurant industry, as it was one of the first to accept the usage of Apple Pay in 2014, which made it one of the first restaurant brands to include the contactless payment method into its customer experience.

Apple Pay may now be used to make payments at Panera Bread shops, via the Panera Bread app, and for online orders placed through the Panera Bread website.

How to Use Apple Pay at Panera Bread

Apple Pay is a service that is provided by Apple Inc., as one may infer from the name. This indicates that the usage of Apple Pay on mobile phones is restricted to just those individuals who own Apple products. Panera Bread enables customers to make contactless payments using Google Pay or Android Pay, which are both available to customers with Android smartphones. This makes Panera Bread the go-to choice for contactless payments for Android customers.

On the other hand, customers who own Apple products like iPhones and iPads are required to have Apple Pay installed on their devices before they can use them at Panera Bread retail locations or mobile applications. The instructions for configuring your chosen mode of payment on your device are provided in the following section;

Navigate to the option labeled “Wallet and Apple Pay” located inside the Settings menu. Choose a card to use as your preferred way of payment, and then enter the information about your credit or debit card. You have the option of doing this step manually, or you may scan the card using your iPhone for an automated solution.

After that, you will have to validate your card information and accept the terms and restrictions associated with using Apple Pay. If this is the case, you are ready to utilize Apple Pay. The procedure for repairing an Apple watch is likewise quite similar. The only real difference is that you need an iPhone that is connected to your account. You will be able to make purchases using the watch after entering your credit card information on your paired iPhone.

How to use Apple Pay inside Panera Bread

The following are the procedures that need to be completed in order to use Apple Pay inside of a Panera Bread store:

  • To open your iPhone, you need to press and hold the button that is located on the right side of the device.
  • Unlock your smartphone with either Touch ID or Face ID, or by using a passcode.
  • Place your phone in close proximity to the contactless point on the scanner at the register.
  • After a few seconds, you will see a checkmark appear on your screen, and your phone will make a pinging sound.
  • This indicates that the payment was processed correctly.

Note: The device that reads your credit or debit card at the point of sale is known as the reader.

Users of the Apple Watch will find that the procedure is not very different from using an iPhone in this regard. You need to touch the button twice that is located on the right side of the dial of the watch. In the event that you are requested, proceed to enter the passcode for your Smart Watch. After the watch has been unlocked, place it in touch with the contactless point on the terminal and wait for the payment to be processed.

Does Panera Bread take Apple Pay for Drive Through? How?

At its drive-thru locations, Panera Bread allows customers to make payments with Apple Pay. This is based on the press release that referred to the idea that Panera Bread and other fast-food businesses are ready to implement the usage of Apple pay at its restaurants and drive through locations. This is the basis for this statement.

The announcement was made in October of 2014, which implies that customers have been able to use Apple Pay at Panera Bread drive-through outlets ever since the year 2014.

Using Apple Pay at a Panera Bread restaurant that has a drive-through is a simple and straightforward procedure. The only thing required of you is to place your order over the speaker, then drive up to the counter, where the attendant will provide you with a contactless reader. Simply place your apparatus on top of it, and you should be set to go.

Does Panera Bread Take Apple Pay for online/app? How?

In keeping with the standard operating procedure of the current day, clients of Panera Bread may now place orders for their favorite Panera Bread dishes using the mobile app that was developed by the business. This program may be downloaded through the Google Playstore as well as the Apple App Store. Much while this is a positive turn of events in and of itself, the prospect of being able to utilize Apple Pay to pay for orders placed via the Panera Bread app makes it even more thrilling.

You will need to download and install the app before you can make your purchase using it. After that, you will need to either sign in to your existing account or establish a new account if you haven’t already done so. After you have created the account, you will be prompted to choose whether you would want the order to be delivered to your address or if you would like to pick it up at the Panera Bread shop that is closest to you.

After that, you may place your order by perusing the available menu options or by leveraging an earlier purchase. After that, you may put all of the things you’ve chosen into the shopping basket and go on to the page where you can make your purchase. Keep going until you reach the payment page, and when you get there, choose Apple Pay as the method of payment you want to use.

Other Payment Options Accepted by Panera Bread

Panera Bread enables its customers to pay with a variety of different payment methods, including contactless payment systems such as Google Pay and Android Pay, in addition to Apple Pay and other payment methods. The following is a selection of the several methods of payment that are accepted by Panera Bread:

  • Cash
  • PayPal
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • VISA

Can I Use Apple Pay at Panera Bread?

Apple Pay is a way of payment that is both highly safe and very quick. Apple Pay utilizes a broad variety of anti-fraud layers of security, which reduces the likelihood of fraud happening, despite the fact that no means of making an online payment can be guaranteed to be 100% secure against fraud.

At Panera Bread locations, the Apple Pay mobile payment system is accepted as a mode of payment. These outlets range from storefronts to drive-through facilities to app and internet sales, among other options. The majority of Panera Bread locations now accept Apple Pay as a form of payment, which is not surprising given that the chain has been using the payment method for some time.