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Does Panera Bread Have Salads?

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Panera Bread remains at the forefront of the fast casual dining industry with its use of innovative, fresh ingredients and salads such as the Fuji Apple Salad with Chicken and the Mediterranean Bowl. While many other restaurants offer straightforward salad options, Panera Bread continues to set the standard.

Panera Bread not only provides a large selection of salads to its customers, but they also provide them the option of selecting a half salad amount to go along with either a soup or sandwich from their “You Pick Two” menu.

Does Panera Bread Have Salads in 2022?

There are thirteen different salads available to choose from on the menu at Panera Bread. The fact that patrons may tailor these salads to their preferences or order them as part of a pair to complement a soup or sandwich item contributes to the popularity of the Panera brand of salads.

The rates for their salads are comparable to the costs for meals at other fast casual restaurants, with prices per salad typically ranging from $8 to $12.

People who like Mediterranean cuisine tend to go crazy about the Panera Greek Salad. The meal with the fewest grams of fat, the lowest salt content, and the fewest carbs is the Caesar salad. Additionally, it has the greatest quantity of protein.

The Fuji Apple Salad is comprised of baby kale, spinach, red onions, grape tomatoes, and walnut bits, and it is dressed with a sweet white vinaigrette.

The Asian Sesame Salad is a meal that is both straightforward and delicious. It is made up of romaine lettuce, chicken, walnut halves, and a few toasted almonds and sesame seeds. A delicate Asian sesame vinaigrette is drizzled over the top of it.

What Types of Salads Does Panera Have?

You, as a patron of Panera, have access to a diverse range of salads from which to make your pick. Even though there are eleven different salads available to choose from, the Green Goddess Cobb Salad and the Strawberry Poppyseed Salad are also fan favorites at this restaurant.

The Green Goddess Cobb Salad, the Baja Bowl, the Mediterranean Bowl, the Mediterranean or Baja Bowl with Chicken, a Teriyaki Chicken and Broccoli Bowl, a BBQ Chicken Salad, a Caesar Salad, a Greek Salad, an Asian Sesame Salad with Chicken, a Southwest Chile Lime Ranch Salad with Chicken, and the Fuji Apple Salad with Chicken are some of the items that are currently available at Panera.

If the consumers were still looking for more variety, all of the salad selections are customisable, which means they may decide for themselves the toppings they want on their salad and which ones they do not want.

You Pick Two and Value Duets, which are portions of the Panera menu that often contain a dual combination of a soup, salad, or sandwich choice, both include some of the salads that Panera has to offer.

It is also reported that Panera has a “secret menu” that customers may order from, which include items such as the Power Mediterranean Chicken or Roasted Turkey Salads.

The Power Mediterranean Salads come with your choice of roasted turkey or chicken, tomatoes, olives, red onions, applewood smoked bacon, diced eggs, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and extra virgin olive oil above a bed of romaine and baby spinach.

Inasmuch as these dishes are not officially shown on the menu, you will be required to inquire about the cost of these so-called “secret” salads.

How Much Are Panera’s Salads?

At Panera, the Greek and Caesar Salads are the two salads that, when ordered in their whole, cost $8.09 plus tax but may be ordered in half size for $5.79. These salads are the least expensive on the menu. Before any modifications or additions are made, the price of most of their complete salads ranges from $8 to $12.

At Panera, the Green Goddess Cobb Salad with Chicken, the Southwest Chile Lime Ranch Salad with Chicken, and the Teriyaki Chicken Broccoli Bowl are the three salads that come with the highest price tags.

When purchased in its current preparations, each of these three salads will set you back around $11.59 for a whole salad and $8.39 for a half piece, in addition to tax.

You may get up-to-date pricing and nutritional information at your neighborhood Panera either online or in person at the restaurant.

How Many Calories Are In Panera’s Salads?

The Caesar Salad at Panera has 330 calories, while the Baja Bowl with Chicken has 730 calories. The calorie value of the other salads at Panera may vary quite a little.

The number of calories in a half meal might range anywhere from 190 to 330, give or take.

The Southwest Chile Lime Ranch Salad has a total of 670 calories, whereas the Asian Sesame Salad with Chicken has just 410 calories. Both salads include chicken. These two alternatives have less calories than the standard Whopper with cheese topping.

Did Panera Bread Stop Selling Salads?

In 1987, when Panera Bread Company established its first restaurant, the founders had a vision of bread at the forefront of their minds. As a result, the restaurant did not initially have salads on the menu. Years passed before salads were introduced, during which time the corporation worked to pass the Clean Food and Ingredient Act, which banned the use of any artificial or superfluous ingredients.

Other salads, such as the Spicy Thai Chicken Salad, the Power Kale Caesar Salad, and the Spinach Power Salad, were formerly available at Panera; however, these salads have since been removed from the menu in order to make room for Panera’s ongoing efforts to develop novel, cutting-edge concepts.

The advent of Panera’s clean food effort provided place for a rising number of menu items that were fresh and inventive, including their salads. Among these new menu items was also a greater variety of salads.

Does Panera Bread Still Have Salads in 2022?

These days, patrons have a choice between thirteen distinct salads while dining at Panera. With the Panera You Pick Two choices, you have the ability to further personalize your selection or select a more manageable serving size of your go-to salad to go along with a sandwich or soup.

Panera’s salads are an excellent alternative to the salads offered at other quick-service restaurants since they range in price from $8 to $12 and don’t exceed 750 calories.