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Does Jack in The Box Accept Apple Pay?

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Jack in The Box is a popular fast-food restaurant known for its hamburgers and tacos. With a variety of other delicious menu items, Jack in the Box is an affordable, quick, and convenient meal.

Convenience seekers will be glad to know that not only is Jack in The Box’s food quick and convenient, but they also accept Apple Pay as payment. Apple Pay easily let’s you pay through your iPhone, Apple Watch, or other Apple device. Apple Pay is quick and convenient, as well as more secure compared to traditional credit and debit cards.

Read on to understand the ins and outs of using Apple Pay at Jack in the Box.

Does Jack in The Box Accept Apple Pay in 2022?

Jack in the Box does accept Apple Pay as a payment method. For purchases in-store and in the drive-through alike, Jack in the Box will take your payment through your iPhone or Apple Watch. Alternatively, you can also pay at Jack in the Box through their smartphone app.

Jack in the Box began accepting Apple Pay as early as 2019 and was among the earliest fast-food adopters of Apple’s contactless payment solution. Apple Pay and other contactless payment systems are faster, safer, and more secure than traditional payments such as credit cards and cash. While the latter are still accepted at Jack in the Box locations, mobile payments have many advantages.

If you are new to mobile payments, read the rest of the article to learn how to set up Apple Pay, and apply it in stores such as Jack in the Box.

How Can You Use Apple Pay Inside Jack in the Box?

To pay by Apple Pay at Jack in the Box, double click the side button on your iPhone and open the Wallet App. Simply position your phone above the payment terminal, and your app will process your payment automatically.

You can also use your Apple Watch to pay by opening the Wallet App, hover your watch over the payment terminal and double-tap the side button to confirm payment.

Contactless payment like Apple Pay is becoming popular at drive through and touch screen kiosk.

Can You Use Apple Pay at the Jack in the Box Drive-through?

Apple Pay can also be used when making a purchase in the drive-through. At Jack in the Box, the payment terminal is mounted outside of the cashier’s window. Using either your Apple Watch or iPhone, hover over the terminal to complete your purchase.

Other fast-food chains that accept Apple Pay, such as McDonald’s, do take contactless payment through the drive thru. However, generally, this requires the cashier to hand the terminal through the window. By comparison, the Jack in the Box payment experience is seamless.

If you prefer a completely contactless experience, you may elect to use the self-service kiosk – read on to determine if Apple Pay is accepted at these terminals.

Can You Use Apple Pay at the Jack in the Box Self-order Kiosk?

Jack in the Box self-service kiosks do not currently support Apple Pay or any contactless payment systems. To make a payment, one must use more traditional payments such as cash, credit card, debit card, or gift card.

The reason these kiosks do not accept contactless payments is that the terminals use relatively outdated hardware that only accepts a credit-card swipe. In fact, even credit cards with the security chip won’t work unless swiped along the magnetic line.

Consumers looking for the most contact-free experience can still use the Jack in the Box app to make orders ahead and pay. The next section discusses if the Jack in the Box app accepts Apple Pay.

Does Jack in the Box Accept Apple Pay in the App?

The Jack in the Box app does not have built-in support for Apple Pay. However, the app still may be a solution for someone looking for a contactless experience. The Jack in the Box app allows you to enter your credit card information into the app, and then order ahead without exchanging cash or swiping a credit card.

Here is how to order on the app:

  1. Download the Jack in the Box app on iOs or Android.
  2. Select your local Jack in the Box.
  3. Tap “Menu” and select your favorite meals.
  4. Tap your order bag and proceed to check out.

You will have the option to select “At the Counter” or “At the Drive Thru”. If you selected “At the Counter” you can park and proceed into the store and find the designated mobile pick-up area. Otherwise, if you selected “At the Drive Thru” pull into the drive-through and identify your order number through the speaker.

Can I Use Apple Pay at Jack in the Box?

Apple Pay is accepted at Jack in the Box both inside the restaurant and at the drive-through window. Although the self-service kiosk is unable to take Apple Pay at the present time, there are alternative options to enjoy a totally contactless experience, the most prominent of which being the Jack in the Box app.

Jack in the Box accepts a variety of payment methods in addition to Apple Pay, including cash, credit cards, debit cards, and Jack in the Box gift cards.


What places can I use Apple Pay?

Apple Pay may be used at any establishment that accepts contactless payments, including convenience shops, supermarkets, taxis, and public transportation stations. Apps and online are also options. You may make purchases with Apple Pay while using Safari on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Does Jack in the Box have an app?

The Jack in the Box Mobile App offers a straightforward ordering process, whether for in-store pickup or home delivery of Jack in the Box food. It is exactly the same as carrying a Jack in the Box in your pocket, with the exception that it does not weigh 350 tons and has people working inside of it. Then there are the exclusive specials and discounts that are not available anywhere else.

Does Jack in the Box accept credit?

Jack in the Box customers who want to pay with contactless payment must present either an American Express, Discover Network, MasterCard PayPassTM, or Visa Contactless card or device. These cards or devices must be integrated with a chip that can connect with the reader using radio frequency.

Does Taco Bell take Apple Pay?

You have the option of paying for your purchase with either a credit card or a debit card. Taco Bell Gift Cards and eGift Cards are also available. Wallets made of digital media, such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

Can I use Apple Pay at ATM?

Apple Pay may be accessed even if your iPhone is locked by performing a double-click on the home button. If not, go to the Wallet screen and touch the debit card you use. Keep your finger on the home button while activating Touch ID on your iPhone by placing it near the sign that indicates a contactless reader on an automated teller machine. The keypad at the ATM is where you will enter your PIN.

How do I know if Apple Pay is accepted?

Simply search for the Apple Pay and NFC/tap and pay stickers that are placed in shop windows and on points of sale to determine whether or not a certain store, restaurant, gas station, or other kind of business supports Apple Pay. The following is a list of shops that accept Apple Pay:

Can I pay with phone at Jack in Box?

It is possible to use Apple Pay to pay for your meal at Jack in the Box, whether you place your order inside the restaurant or at the drive-thru window. Actually, Jack in the Box was one of the companies who adopted Apple Pay quite early. Jack in the Box was founded in Southern California, a region that is known for being on the cutting edge of technological advancement and creative endeavor.