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Does Chipotle Take Apple Pay?

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Chipotle is certainly ahead of many other restaurants that have been slow to roll out this type of technology or even some that have failed to make the leap into the 21st century because they have been offering contactless payments with their mobile app at least since 2017. This places Chipotle in a position of superiority in comparison to the majority of other dining establishments.

Apple Pay is a payment option that is both safe and easy, and it is continuously gaining popularity. This is particularly true among customers and merchants that are interested in transitioning toward contactless payment methods for their transactions. Apple Pay now has 508 million users all over the globe, which is still just 48% of their total userbase. Because of this, Apple Pay still has capacity to expand, which it does every year.

Customers simply don’t want to carry cash anymore, and they don’t want to touch payment terminals that may not be clean. The issue that arises as a result of the fact that Apple Pay is such a prominent participant in the market for contactless payments is whether or not Chipotle accepts Apple Pay.

Does Chipotle Take Apple Pay?

While placing an order at a Chipotle location using one of their payment terminals or when using the Chipotle mobile app to place a preorder, Chipotle is able to take Apple Pay. Apple Pay and all other forms of payment are completely supported and accepted by them, giving you the freedom to choose how you want to make payment.

Beginning in 2017, Chipotle first started taking Apple Pay solely via their mobile app. However, beginning in 2020, they began accepting it at all of its shops without requiring customers to first download the mobile app. It is a really frustrating requirement to have to download a mobile app for each every restaurant or business that you wish to use Apple Pay with, which is why accepting Apple Pay in-store is such a great choice.

Therefore, Apple Pay may be used for preorders that are placed using the company’s mobile app, directly at the cash register, and at establishments that feature drive-through windows.

Now that you are aware that Chipotle accepts Apple Pay as a form of payment, you may be wondering how to use Apple Pay at Chipotle.

How do you use Apple Pay at Chipotle?

At Chipotle, you may choose between two different ways to pay using Apple Pay. Step one is to go up to the cash register, place your order, and then finish off by tapping your apple device on the terminal that processes payments. The point of sale device need to have information tied to it about the various forms of digital wallets that it is willing to take, including Apple Pay at this point.

In addition, the Chipotle mobile app lets users pay with Apple Pay and place preorders for their food. If you would rather not wait in line and instead place your order over the phone and show up when your meal is ready, then this is the most convenient choice for you, and you will still be able to pay with Apple Pay. In addition, many Chipotle restaurants offer a designated space where you may pick up the food that you bought via the mobile app.

Does Chipotle’s drive-through accept Apple Pay? Considering that you may not even want to get out of your vehicle and want to make the ordering procedure as contactless as possible, this is an important question.

Does Chipotle take Apple Pay for Drive Through?

Apple Pay is accepted at Chipotle’s Chipotlanes, providing customers with the ability to place their orders without ever having to leave their vehicles. Preordering is required, and you may do it either online or via their mobile app, which supports Apple Pay. You will get your meal in your vehicle rather than needing to go inside the restaurant to pick it up, but otherwise, the experience will be identical to any other mobile app order placed with Chipotle.

Whether you enjoy the concept of using Apple Pay, but you don’t have your phone with you but you really want some Chipotle, then you may be wondering if you can simply order and pay for Chipotle via their website using Apple Pay instead of having to use your phone.

Does Chipotle take Apple Pay for Online Orders?

You are able to place an order with Chipotle using their website; however, the website does not support Apple Pay as a form of payment. I have tried logging in and doing it myself, and there is just no option available. On their website, the only payment method that is accepted is credit card information. Chipotle may have the assumption that if you are an Apple Pay user, you will be using your phone to either tap at the register or use their mobile app. This missing payment option is a bit of a pity, but Chipotle may have this assumption.

You may be curious as to whether or not third-party delivery services are compatible with Apple Pay with Chipotle given that direct online orders from Chipotle do not utilize Apple Pay.

Can you pay for Chipotle Orders with Apple Pay on Delivery Services?

You will be able to utilize Apple Pay while ordering Chipotle via a delivery service such as Ubereats, Doordash, or Postmates. There is a Chipotle delivery option available with each of these delivery providers. Depending on where exactly you are located, at least one of them should be a possibility for you.

Both the mobile app and the website of Chipotle have a delivery option for customers. This may entitle you to free delivery with DoorDash in some areas. Apple Pay will function well if you make payments using their mobile app; but, if you make payments through their website, you will not be able to utilize Apple Pay. If you buy using their mobile app, you may take advantage of this fantastic option to reduce the cost of delivery while still making payments with Apple Pay.

With all of these possibilities that are exclusive to Apple Pay, you may be curious about the other contactless payment methods that are accepted at Chipotle.

What other Contactless Payment does Chipotle take?

Chipotle is one of the many retailers that takes a variety of contactless payment methods, such as Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and other NFC-based payment solutions. Through the use of their mobile app, they accept both Apple Pay and Google Pay particularly. However, the payment terminals at the business will take a wide variety of other choices. If the NFC payment method that you like to use is one that can be tapped on a conventional tap-enabled payment terminal, then you will be able to use it successfully at Chipotle.

Chipotle is a highly forward-thinking corporation that has made significant investments in various digital means of payment. Unfortuitously, however, not all restaurants, not even all fast-food restaurants, share the same mindset. Therefore, you may be curious about other places where you can utilize Apple Pay.

Which Other Restaurants take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is accepted in a big number of quick-service restaurants, although not all of them at this time. When considering where to eat, you may want to think about going to one of these places that are like Chipotle:

  1. McDonald’s follows a philosophy somewhat similarly to that of Chipotle in that it provides customers with a number of different payment methods, including Apple Pay, which can be used either in-store or through the McDonald’s mobile app.
  2. Another quick service restaurant that accepts Apple Pay payments from its customers is Taco Bell. This may be accomplished through the smartphone app or even in-store, just as it is at other restaurants.
  3. Another establishment, Qdoba Mexican Eats, gives the consumer the option of selecting the mode of payment that is most convenient for them. They provide a wide variety of alternatives, one of which is Apple Pay, which can be used in-store or via their mobile app to pay your bill.

If the only thing you want is Chipotle and the only payment method you want to use is Apple Pay, then let’s go through how you can use Apple Pay at Chipotle.

Can I Use Apple Pay at Chipotle?

Using Apple Pay is completely OK at Chipotle. Tapping your finger on a payment terminal at the cash register at the business allows you to make a payment. You can also use the smartphone app, which allows you to pay with Apple Pay. After placing your order using the mobile app, you can either pick it up in the shop at a special queue for mobile app customers or use the drive-through to collect it.

If you want Chipotle delivered to your door and pay for it using Apple Pay, you may do it via the mobile app, which may even include free delivery depending on where you are. Using Apple Pay at Chipotle should not provide you any problems, given my experience there.