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Does Chipotle Have Root Beer?

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Since before the time of the Civil War, people in North America have loved drinking the sweet, carbonated beverage known as root beer. The brands Barq’s, A&W, IBC, and Dad’s Root Beer are among the most well-known and widely consumed varieties of root beer. It is one of the most popular drinks in North America, despite the fact that there are hundreds of distinct brands of root beer that are made and bottled in the United States.

There is a wide selection of drinks available to choose from at Chipotle Mexican Grill, a restaurant that is most known for its burritos. These beverages are supposed to compliment the taste profile of the cuisine that is served there.

In addition to the Coca-Cola products that are offered from the fountain, this establishment offers bottled beverages such as apple juice, orange juice, and tea. Most recently, they have added organic lemonades and teas to their selection of available beverages.

Does Chipotle Have Root Beer in 2022?

In the United States, Chipotle Mexican Grill locations provide a variety of fountain drinks, one of which being Barq’s Root Beer. In 1995, the Coca-Cola corporation made the purchase of Barq’s Root Beer and immediately started offering it as a beverage choice at fountains located in fast food restaurants that also sold Coca-Cola products.

When going to a Chipotle restaurant, the vast majority of customers choose for beverages that are served from the fountain rather than the extensive collection of bottled drinks that the chain carries.

This might be due to the fact that Coca-Cola products are not only very popular, but also quite affordable, and consumers can get refills while they are still in the restaurant.

Since the very beginning, root beer has been and continues to be a customer favorite among younger people who dine in restaurants due to the extremely sweet flavor and extraordinary bubbliness of the beverage.

When Did Chipotle Start Having Root Beer?

In 1995, shortly after Coca-Cola had completed its acquisition of Barq’s Root Beer, Chipotle began stocking the beverage. When we were there, Barq’s was the sixth biggest beverage firm in the country. It was established in 1897 in Biloxi, Mississippi, and has been in operation ever since that year. On the other hand, Chipotle had only been operating for a few of years when it was first established in 1993 in Denver, Colorado.

They have continued to grow in popularity since it was sold to Coca-Cola, which owns the beverage contract with nearly two-thirds of the largest fast-food chains including McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, and Subway, to name a few. Today, Barq’s has become the number two best-selling root beer, beaten only by A&W. Barq’s is the only root beer brand that has ever been sold to Coca-Cola.

The decision taken by Chipotle to feature Barq’s Root Beer as a menu option has resulted in the beverage being one of the most sought after alternatives for a beverage at the chain restaurant.

What Kind of Root Beer Does Chipotle Have?

At Chipotle restaurants, one of the most well-liked beverage options is Barq’s Root Beer. It was added to the fountain machines at Chipotle after the firm was bought by Coca-Cola, and it gives the company’s selection of beverages a taste that is somewhat distinct from the others.

Because of its tangy flavor and the fact that it included caffeine, Barq’s was a popular beverage in the 1990s, when Chipotle first started serving customers. At Chipotle, the most cost-effective choice for beverages are the fountain drinks, which include things like root beer.

How Much Is Root Beer At Chipotle?

Drinks from the fountain are available for purchase at Chipotle Mexican Grill. One may get a standard size (22 ounces) of Barq’s Root Beer for $2.50, or a large size (32 ounces) for $2.80.

The cost of any drink from the fountain will set you back this much. Since 2011, just over a decade ago, the prices of fountain drinks have increased quite a little. In 2011, Chipotle charged $1.60 for a 22-ounce drink and $1.90 for a 32-ounce drink. These prices are now much higher.

If you want to save money, the best choice is to obtain a Barq’s Root Beer from the fountain drink counter rather than purchasing one of their smaller-sized bottled beverage alternatives, which vary in price from $2.80 to $3.20.

When you eat in at a restaurant that gives you the option to refill your cup, you receive a little bit more beverage for your money. The price of root beer may be exaggerated, but the nutritional information associated with it is exaggerated even more.

How Many Calories Are in Chipotle’s Root Beer?

There are 160 calories in each can of Barq’s Root Beer, which comes in a 12-ounce size and is available for purchase at shops all around the country. This indicates that a regular-sized cup of root beer at Chipotle, which is 22 ounces, has around 293 calories, while a large cup of the sugary treat, which is 32 ounces, contains approximately 426 calories if ice is not included in the calculation.

Additionally, a 12-ounce serving may include 44 grams of sugar and 22 milligrams of caffeine, which, when proportioned out among the bigger cups used for fountain drinks, results in a significantly higher total dose of the two stimulants.

Can Chipotle Make A Root Beer Float?

Chipotle doesn’t sell any form of ice cream, which is one of the two components that are required for a root beer float to be considered complete. To make this frothy mixture, people all around the United States have been combining vanilla ice cream with root beer since 1893.

The creator of Chipotle, Steve Ells, made the decision to make their menu simple. The decision to exclude breakfast, desserts, and a drive-thru from his restaurants was one that was met with positive feedback from patrons, and the adjustment was ultimately successful.

Root beer floats, despite the fact that they are a relatively simple delicacy, have the potential to be quite luxurious and foamy. Celebrations held throughout the middle of summer and other holidays now prominently include them.

Although Chipotle Mexican Grill sells root beer, they do not have ice cream, therefore they are unable to provide their customers with the option of ordering a root beer float.

Did Chipotle Stop Selling Root Beer?

Since the 1990s, Chipotle has provided customers with the option of ordering root beer, and the practice continues to this day. Coca-Cola is the owner of Barq’s Root Beer, which is a hallmark of the brand. Coca-Cola has an ongoing partnership with Chipotle restaurants to serve fountain beverages exclusively.

Even while Chipotle’s bottled drinks might sometimes be different from one another, the fountain drinks are almost never inconsistent. It seems obvious that Chipotle will continue to provide root beer for a considerable amount of time in the future.

Does Chipotle Still Have Root Beer?

Customers who visit Chipotle Mexican Grill have the option of purchasing Barq’s Root Beer, in addition to a wide selection of other fountain and bottled beverages. Root Beer has been served at Chipotle restaurants for more than two decades, and it continues to be a customer favorite beverage that pairs well with burritos as well as tacos.

Fans of root beer would likely agree that Barq’s does have a bit of a bite to it, and that it is available at a decent number of restaurants around the country. Because it has a crispness and a smoothness that are uniquely its own, Barq’s root beer could be the ideal beverage to complement the extra-large burrito that you get at Chipotle.