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Does Carl’s Jr Take Apple Pay? (Answered)

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Carl’s Jr. is a well-known chain of quick-service restaurants not just in the United States but also in other areas of the globe. The quick-service restaurant franchise operates in close to four thousand locations throughout more than 38 nations. Customers of this fast-food business usually inquire about the availability of Apple Pay, which is one of the topics that they frequently ask about.

Apple Pay is quickly becoming one of the most popular payment methods used all over the globe today. The widespread use of Apple products all over the globe has sped up the process by which this mode of payment is being used in retail establishments and eating establishments.

Does Carl’s Jr. Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay can be used at all Carl’s Jr. locations throughout the US. This was proven true by a piece of reporting in which it was said that the quick-service restaurant chain plans to introduce a customer loyalty program that is compatible with its mobile payment options.

The time period during which Dr. Carl’s Jr. began to accept the payment option was not specified in the news story. On the other hand, the story broke in 2021, which indicates that Carl’s Jr. had already begun taking Apple Pay by that year.

How to Use Apple Pay at Carl’s Jr.

Consumers may now use Apple Pay to pay for their meals at Carl’s Jr., as the chain now enables customers to use Apple Pay at its locations. The method that must be followed is straightforward. Having Apple Pay installed and configured on your Apple device is required, though. The majority of iPhone and Apple watch owners already have this configuration in place. But even if you don’t, the process of setting everything up is really easy to understand.

Navigate to the option labeled “Wallet and Apple Pay” located inside the Settings menu. Choose a card to use as your preferred way of payment, and then enter the information about your credit or debit card. You have the option of doing this step manually, or you may scan the card using your iPhone for an automated solution. Your card will need to be verified when you accept the terms and conditions for using Apple Pay. If this is the case, you are ready to utilize Apple Pay. The procedure for repairing an Apple watch is likewise quite similar. The only real difference is that you need an iPhone that is connected to your account.

Now that you have the payment method configured on your smartphone, it’s time to move on to the next step of learning how to use Apple Pay at Carl’s Jr.

 How to use Apple Pay inside Carl’s Jr.

The procedure of paying with Apple Pay at Carl’s Jr. is straightforward and consists of the following stages, just as it does at other retailers and establishments who offer Apple Pay as their preferred method of customer payment;

To begin, double-click the button that is located on the side of your iPhone that is facing you. Unlocking your smartphone will need you to choose one of the available security options. If you are using Face ID on your iPhone, you will be required to look at the camera on the front of the device. If you are utilizing Tap ID, you will be required to touch the home button. The last layer of protection is the password, which must be entered before continuing.

Holding your phone up to the contactless point of sale scanner should be done after you have unlocked it. The device that reads your credit or debit card at the point of sale is known as the reader. You need to continue pressing the phone up to the spot until the sales reading machine emits a ping followed by a green checkmark, or until the iPhone displays a green checkmark followed by the phrase “Done.”

When you receive this message, it indicates that the payment was processed successfully and that you have successfully paid at Carl’s Jr. using Apple Pay.

Users of the Apple Watch will find that the procedure is not very different from using an iPhone in this regard. You need to touch the button twice that is located on the right side of the dial of the watch. In the event that you are requested, proceed to enter the passcode for your Smart Watch. After the watch has been unlocked, place it in touch with the contactless point on the terminal and wait for the payment to be processed.

Does Carl’s Jr. take Apple Pay for Drive Through?

It is not quite apparent whether or not Carl’s Jr. has a drive-through that takes Apple Pay. On the page about contactless drive-through payments, it was just indicated that debit and credit cards are accepted. A consumer on Reddit provided another another piece of evidence demonstrating that the restaurant’s drive-through does not accept Apple Pay as a form of payment. The client, on the other hand, did not provide an answer that could be relied upon, and they reasoned that the drive-through would not have the necessary amenities. Having said that, taking into consideration that the drive-through is intended to be contactless, we anticipate that they will take Apple Pay.

In the event that Carl’s Jr.’s drive-through outlets do, in fact, accept Apple Pay, the steps necessary to utilize this way of payment will be straightforward in this particular scenario. Holding your phone up to the sales reader until you hear a check ping is all that is required of you.

Does Carl’s Jr. Take Apple Pay for Online Orders?

Through the use of the Carl’s Jr. mobile app, you are able to place orders and pay for those items using your mobile device. This implies that you are able to get your preferred meal from Carl’s Jr. from the comfort of your hotel, or you may avoid the waiting procedure by ordering a pickup service from the restaurant.

You will need to download and install the app before you can place a purchase. You may now go to sign in, or if you haven’t already done so, you may establish an account now. The next step requires you to choose whether you will be picking up the meal yourself or having it delivered to you. Regardless of the choice you choose with, you will be required to select the location (for pickup or delivery) that is geographically closest to you (for delivery).

After you have completed this step, you may then continue to the next step of placing your purchase. Put your orders in the shopping basket, and then go to the page where you may pay for them. On the page where you make your payment, choose Apple Pay as the mode of payment you would want to use, and you will be ready to go. The procedure is brief, painless, and straightforward.

Other Stores that Accept Apple Pay

The following is a list of some of the most well-known restaurants and retail establishments that accept Apple Pay as a form of payment:

  • Subway
  • White Castle
  • Au Bon Pain
  • Baskin-Robbins
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Rubio’s
  • KFC
  • Firehouse Subs

Can I Use Apple Pay at Carl’s Jr?

Apple Pay is accepted here at Carl’s Jr., so don’t worry about that. Apple Pay is accepted as a method of payment in Carl’s Jr. restaurants, as well as via the app and for orders placed online. However, it is yet unknown whether or not the restaurant’s drive-through outlets will accept the payment option in question.