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Does Burger King Take Apple Pay?

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Burger King’s mobile app is compatible with Apple’s iOS as well as Google’s Android operating system, and it does support contactless payments. Unfortunately, evaluations of Burger King that can be found online state that the company’s payment terminals are often outdated and do not enable tapping. Therefore, depending on the restaurant you choose, the smartphone app can be the only method of contactless payment available to you.

By selecting your current location inside the mobile app, you will be presented with a list of places that are geographically close to you. Once you have selected the eatery where you want to place your order, a menu that is exclusive to that establishment will display.

If you haven’t previously done so, in order to make an account with the app, you are required to register your name and email address with it. This may be a very tedious and time-consuming procedure since you have to wait for a code to be delivered to you.

The most important question that has to be answered after reading this article is, therefore, which forms of payment are allowed by the mobile app, and does this include Apple Pay?

Does Burger King Take Apple Pay in 2022?

At this time, Burger King does not support the Apple Pay payment system. Apple Pay is not a payment option that is supported by the Burger King mobile app, and due to the unavailability of contactless payment terminals at locations, it is possible that you will not even be able to attempt using that mode of payment.

Although Burger King has said publicly that they do not support Apple Pay, there is no evidence to suggest that they have taken any action to prevent customers from using the service. If you are able to locate a place that has a payment terminal that supports tapping payments, then you may be able to give it a go; however, this is not something that can be guaranteed, and I was unable to discover any evidence online of others who have been successful doing this.

The mobile app does indeed enable payments made using PayPal and credit cards. First, choose your location, then choose your things, and last, make your payment. After that, you will be able to pick up your order at that location.

The fact that Burger King does not provide Apple Pay as a payment option is aggravating, as seen by the evaluations of the mobile app available on the Apple App Store. Consequently, is there a justification for why Burger King does not accept Apple Pay?

Why Doesn’t Burger King Take Apple Pay?

Burger King and PayPal have struck into an exclusive partnership for the provision of contactless payment options. Restaurant chains are competing with online payment services such as PayPal and Apple Pay, as well as other payment providers, to become the main way of payment. It’s possible that Burger King has been offered enticing conditions by PayPal in exchange for the company’s role as the exclusive alternative payment option to standard credit cards.

Apple Pay is also exclusive to iOS devices; consequently, if Burger King is attempting to promote their mobile apps on both Android and iOS, then having a single payment method makes the process more streamlined and ensures that both apps remain consistent with one another. Apple Pay is only available on iOS devices.

You may give Apple Pay a go in-store on a contactless payment terminal since it does not seem like Burger King has deliberately disabled this feature. However, there is no assurance that this will work or that Burger King will even have tap-enabled payment terminals.

Does the fact that PayPal is NOW the sole payment provider imply that there were other choices that were accessible in the past?

Did Burger King Ever Take Apple Pay?

Before the partnership with PayPal, the Burger King mobile app allowed Apple Pay in addition to a number of other payment methods. However, after the agreement with PayPal, both the Android and iOS versions of the app were modified to eliminate all payment choices other than credit cards and PayPal.

There are a lot of unhappy consumers who have left reviews on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, complaining that the PayPal option is difficult to use and that they don’t even have a PayPal account. They are persisting in their demand that Apple Pay and Google Pay, in addition to other payment alternatives, be reinstated into the system. Is Burger King going to take this feedback to heart and bring back Apple Pay compatibility for their mobile apps? If not, will they at least formally support the feature in-store on their payment terminals?

Will Burger King Ever Take Apple Pay?

It is quite doubtful that Burger King would adopt Apple Pay as an official payment option in the near future, particularly not in their mobile applications. In addition, the agreement with PayPal probably forbids or strongly discourages adding other payment methods to the app or taking a stance on in-store purchases made on tap-enabled payment terminals. This is because in-store purchases are more likely to be fraudulently made using multiple payment methods.

There is a high probability that Apple Pay will be reinstated as a choice on iOS devices in the event that PayPal is no longer able to maintain its position as the only payment method or is entirely replaced. However, the deal with PayPal is less than a year old, so I would not anticipate it happening very soon.

However, Burger King is gradually replacing its payment terminals, and it is probable that they will roll out payment terminals that support tap payments. This is the only thing that is required for Apple Pay to function. In addition, Burger King does not specifically indicate that they have disabled Apple Pay; rather, they have just removed it from their mobile applications and do not support it as an official mode of payment. Therefore, you may have luck if you discover a place that has a payment terminal that accepts tap payments.

What other options do you have for using your phone to make payments if Apple Pay isn’t recognized or supported officially?

Any Other Way I Can Pay With My Phone at Burger King?

Using the Burger King mobile app is the only method that is officially approved for paying with your phone at Burger King. Since this seems to be the approach that Burger King wants, it is doubtful that any other ways will be supplied in the near future.

If you are unable to make a purchase using the options presented to you in-store or via the mobile app, you may want to consider using one of the numerous meal delivery services that accept a variety of payment methods, including Apple Pay.

There is a possibility that Burger King is one of the restaurants that you may order from using GrubHub, DoorDash, or UberEats, three different food delivery services that all support Apple Pay. These applications also give you the option to pick up your meal, which might serve as an alternative to paying with Apple Pay in certain cases. On the other hand, it is quite possible that you will end up spending more than if you had paid Burger King directly.

If you don’t want to use your phone to make a payment, what other options do you have?

What other payment does Burger King accept?

Burger King is encouraging customers to pay using its mobile app by providing access to exclusive promotions and savings when they use the app. On the other hand, if you make the decision not to, then your choices are as follows:

  • Cash
  • Gift Cards
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • BK Crown Card – Which is similar to a gift card that you continue to top up for personal use.

Burger King is probably not going to be an option for you if you just want to use Apple Pay as a payment method, so you’ll need to find another restaurant to dine at if you want to use Apple Pay to buy a burger. Where else can you use Apple Pay to buy a burger?

Which other stores take Apple Pay?

Both Burger King and McDonald’s are huge rivals, yet when it comes to payments, the two restaurants adopt quite different approaches. If you want cuisine that is comparable to that offered by Burger King but you just want to pay with Apple Pay, McDonald’s is a good choice to consider since it accepts Apple Pay, as well as Google Pay and a number of other payment methods.

Apple Pay is accepted at even KFC, which is a direct rival of Burger King. It would seem that Burger King is making things more difficult for itself by taking payments through PayPal alone, whereas the vast majority of other quick-service restaurants accept a variety of payment options and allow the consumer to pick how they would want to make their payment.

Can I Use Apple Pay at Burger King?

If you ask Burger King, they will tell you that they do not accept Apple Pay, and as they do not have any payment terminals that support tap payments in their restaurants at the moment, it is quite unlikely that you will be able to use Apple Pay there.

However, if you are able to discover a Burger King location that does have a contactless payment terminal, you may be able to try it out and have luck with it. However, as this is not guaranteed, you should make sure that you have an alternate payment option before entering the restaurant.